Trolls Inspired DJ Suki Mommy Of The Birthday Boy Printable Transfer

Trolls Inspired DJ Suki Mommy Of The Birthday Boy Printable Transfer

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Here is what you are purchasing :

This is a personalized transfer or pre-finished image and is a great way to make almost anything more meaningful!!

T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Tote Bags, Onesies, Aprons,Collectible Plates and Baseball Caps

are some of the items that they can be applied to. The sky is the limit for transfer applications.

Use these transfers for any gifts or special occasion with customization to make it look or read exactly how you want it to.

Add this transfer to your shopping cart and include any customization in the customer note box at checkout.

Once your transfer is completed we will email you the transfer image so you can print it.




Please note that you are paying for a creative service and the time spent designing and personalizing your item with personal information. We DO NOT SELL or claim ownership over the character clipart or graphics; they belong to their respective copyright holders. Items purchased are for one-time personal use only and are not to be re-sold for any reason.

• • Printed Transfers • • •
Available sizes refer to the size of the paper that the image will be printed on. Size of actual image is approximate and may be slightly smaller or larger depending on the design style.

Actual paper size is 5.x 7  inches • Select (small 5 x 7) - this size is recommended for shirt sizes 12m to 5T

Actual paper size is 8 1/2 x 11" inches • Select (large 8x10) - this size is recommended for shirt sizes 6Y up to Adult (this is the largest print size available)

These are only recommendations. Feel free to choose whatever size you would like for your project needs.

Transfers DO NOT come pre-cut. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you cut out around the contour of the image to avoid peeling or lifting after wearing or washing. The more round edges you have, the better it will adhere to the fabric.

• • • Digital Files • • •
Digital Files can be saved in various sizes. If you need it to be a specific size, please request it in your notes when you place your order.


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